Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winter Vacation, Part 2

Here in the US it's called "window shopping". In France they have a different expression for it but the direct translation winds up being the equivalent of "glass licking". So we braved the cold to walk down Madison Avenue and do some licking.

I don't get it. Who wears tights with a bikini bottom? What the %&*$ is that bra thing? If it's cold she'll freeze her tips off, if it's hot she'll burn them.

Susan liked the scarf and sweater colors but I'm wondering about that saw. Do you carry that instead of a purse? Is that how you hack your way through the subway crowds?

This kind of stuff had me, as usual, Fully Flummoxed. Susan was no help whatsoever because she shops at Salvation Army or from Lands End catalog and just kept saying "Everyone in New York City is dressed totally in black. Who wears this stuff?"


seth said...

Living in NYC myself, I guess I am definitely a "glass licker" too!

magpie said...


i know, that's a lame
internet way of laughing but this post cracks me up.

as a new yorker.
who wears black.
all the time.