Sunday, March 28, 2010

The First Niche

As usual, I am heading off in a new direction. Anytime I start ricocheting between a lot of different ideas my Blog Wrangler reminds me that behavior is often referred to as "farting in a colander." But I am continuing to make little cups.

This niche is only about 6" high and hangs on the wall (see photo below). There are a number of ceramic artists who make niches and at this time I'm still developing the technique so my work is very derivative and similar to theirs. Eventually I'll feel more comfortable making the niches and then my work will become more individual and mine.

I'm enjoying making these because it gives me a place to display some of the odds and ends of metal pieces I've acquired over the years. Also, a while back I was ripping apart dolls (here and here) and maybe now some of those body parts will find their way into these niches.

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a niche i cant scratch!


better to remain anonymous.