Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Kitty

Were you wondering where I was? I was in New York City, touring museums, and then in Houston to see the International Quilt Festival. As usual, New York City was overwhelming and gave me the gift of a nasty cold but I'm still glad we went.  (More photos to come, including Yours Truly at Times Square on Halloween Night.)

On our first day we always aim for the Museum of Arts and Design, starting at the 6th floor and the Open Studios. That's where we met Ruth Marshall and her Big Kitty. Ruth is going to have one of her pieces shown at the Textile Museum next spring and we hope to make it there to see it.  Go here to see more about Ruth's work and go here to see her blog with more pictures of her Big Kitty, or, as she refers to it,

"... my Tiger Pelt Project. A knitted textile interpretation of tiger pelts based on the collection at the American Museum of Natural History and actual data of wild tigers being studied in the wild by scientists. Through studying actual pelts that were collected from 1944 onwards to live wild tigers captured by photographs, I hope to trace the history and stories behind these amazing tigers that are facing the threat of extinction today."

The pieces she had there were incredible, soft and beautiful, and it was almost painful to think of the insane people who would kill these magnificent animals just to have their "trophy'.

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